Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing

Get a beautiful looking lawn without the hassle. Our lawn equipment is commercial grade to ensure that your lawn will look its best every time we're there.

Our lawn mowing services also include the following: trimming, blowing grass off of sidewalks, clean up, bagging and disposal of yard waste.

Shrub Trimming

Trimming your shrubs and other greenery in your yard is important to keep them blooming at the proper times and minimizes overgrowth, keeping your property looking neater.


Enhance your property and prevent overgrowth by edging your sidewalks. Edging also eases snow removal, which prevents damage to your landscaping during the winter months.

Weed Control Applications

We have products that can focus on the specific types of weeds that are in your lawn. We also have organic products which are more safe if you have pets, or if you would like less chemicals on your lawn.

Fertilizer Applications

Give your lawn a head start with a fertilizer application from Ace Lawn Care.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

Be prepared for winter. Schedule a clean up day with Ace Lawn Care to ensure your flower and rock beds are clean, your lawn is mowed, and clippings and other yard waste are bagged and disposed.

Sprinkler System Blowouts

Make sure you're ready for the coming winter. Call Ace Lawn Care to ensure your sprinkler systems have had the water thoroughly blown out of them. 

Spring Cleanup & Lawn Thatching

Get your lawn ready for summer. We will de-thatch the lawn, removing any dead grass, clippings or leaves to ensure your lawn grows thicker and greener.

Field/Brush Mowing

Need help mowing your field? Ace Lawn Care can help! Call 715-630-0583 for more information